Eastman Road Race
Volunteer Assignments

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony needs approx. 5 volunteers to help setup the awards stage and hand out awards during the ceremony. This assignment occurs inside the Employee Center on Saturday morning and lasts from 8:30-11:30am.

Road Guard / Water Stop / Split Timers / Bicycle Patrol

Road Guard, Water Stop, Split Timers, and Bike Patrol volunteers are desperately needed on Saturday on the 10K and 3K courses, especially the 10K. Road Guard duty typically involves manning a small intersection to hold traffic during the race and to direct runners on the course. Kingsport police will be positioned at major intersections. Water Stop volunteers man the water stations at various points around the course. They assist in station setup, hand out water to runners, and then clean up. Split Timers stand at designated mile markers on the course and call out the race time as runners pass by. Bicycle Patrol volunteers escort the runners along the course and can be involved in inspecting the course before race start. These assignments occur on Saturday morning and last from 7:30-9:30am for the 10K (length of service varies by the assignment) and 9:30-11am for the 3K events.

Finish Line

Finish Line volunteers assist the State of Franklin Track Club at the 10K/3K finish line on Martin Luther King Jr Dr. Duties include managing runners, walkers, & spectators, keeping the finish chute clear, shuttling equipment to the starting line, etc. This occurs on Saturday morning, lasting from 8-11am. Volunteers may request to work only certain events (10K, 3K Run, 3K Walk) if pre-arranged with the finish line coordinator.

Fri. Night Dinner

Friday Pre-Race Dinner volunteers assist guests at the dinner located inside the Eastman Corporate Office building. Duties include guiding diners to the cafeteria, helping young diners carry their meal, and clearing tables. This assignment lasts from 4:30-8pm on Friday evening but can be split into shifts if pre-arranged with the volunteer coordinator.

Post-race Snacks

Post-race snacks are handed out to race finishers during the 10K and 3K events on Saturday morning. Duties include preparing the snack tables and restocking items as they're depleted. This assignment lasts from 8-11am on Saturday morning but can be split into shifts if pre-arranged with the volunteer coordinator.

Registration Packets

Registration packet volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks, all involving preparing or handing-out registration packets and all occurring indoors at the Employee Center. On Thursday evening, volunteers are needed to prepare packets "assembly-line style" from 4-6:30pm. On Friday, packets are handed out to runners and walkers in shifts spanning from 11am - 8pm. And on Saturday packets are handed out again from 6:30-9:30am. Use the Volunteer form "Comments" box to indicate which day fits your schedule.

Youth Runs

A few volunteers are needed to assist Health Fitness staff at the Youth Run events. This assignment occurs Friday evening at the Eastman ballfields and lasts from 5:30-7pm. Duties typically include crowd control or helping young runners who fall or get sick.